Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 Things I Am Not Quite Ready To Live Without

My boyfriend and I recently made the decision to move back to Sudbury (our hometown) to pursue our goal of saving money to open a business. After securing employment, finding an apartment and working out some of the finite details of relocating, two things dawned on me.

1) The yarn store in Sudbury looks like the bargain rack at a flea market. Not to mention the lady who runs it is a total biatch, and I wouldn't give her my business if she PAID me!

2) Sudbury is behind the times, and is seriously lacking a Booster Juice (my lifeline). In fact, the juice bar craze is so far from Sudbury, I am not sure they even know what it is.

Tears are trickling down my face as I realize that the closest yarn store that sells great yarn (Fleece Artist - my other lifeline) is 6 hours away.

I suppose I could buy a Vita-Mix and a how-to book on making your own juice smoothies... however, I don't think I have what it takes to spin and hand dye my own yarns. I have tried and failed miserably! Perhaps if I asked the Fleece Artist nicely she will send me some yarn :D