Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tulip Wrap

the following is the pattern for my Tulips Scarf as posted on Ravelry.

CO 40 sts

1) knit
all even rows are purled
3) k3 *yo ssk k6* rep, k3
5) k1 *k2tog yo k1 yo ssk k3* rep, k2
7) k3 *yo ssk k6* rep, k3
9) knit
11) k7 *yo ssk k6* rep, k7
13) k5 *k2tog yo k1 yo ssk k3* rep, k6
15) k7 *yo ssk k6* rep, k7

repeat these 16 rows until desired length or the end of your yarn :D

1 comment:

R and T said...

Um… I checked the stitch count for the odd number rows after row 1d row three times and I still come up 2 stitches too many. The pattern repeat is 8 stitches, so for example on row 3, I would have done the “yo, ssk, k6” 4 times and 3 edge stitches on either end. That leaves me with 38 worked stitches on my right needle and 2 unworked stitches on my left needle. Am I missing something that would have worked these two stitches?