Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fire Crotch

Monday April 28th 2008 - DAY 1.

In preparation for Carrice's upcoming wedding, and that size 6 dress sitting in my closet, today I began an 8 week bootcamp and cleanse program to kick my booty into shape.

My roomie, A, is doing the cleanse with me for support. Somehow it is always easier to do something horrible if you know that someone else is suffering with you... sorry A!

Basically, the clease consists of 4 herbal supplements taken 4 times a day and a VERY restricted diet. In preparation, Sunday evening we made a huge batch of pico de gallo - a mexican salsa that is positively delicious - fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, onions and cilantro.

The last time I had made this recipe, I ended up with what I like to call FIRE CROTCH! I cut up the jalapenos, washed my hands, then went to use the washroom - where I suppose a portion of my skin touched a very private part of my body.


The pain was agonizing. I imagine this is what having STDs must feel like. I even considered something unimaginable - the douche - but decided against it out of principle. I wasn't sure if I could live with myself after ha!

Well, I wasn't going to let this happen to me again!

What would Donna do???

There is no shortage of "Wine Rack" bags in our house. They make really great disposable sheaths for chopping dangerous vegetables.

Perhaps I will find a way to make these fashionable and wear them more often.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rocking Out

So I realize that I have been M.I.A lately... and I have only one excuse. Well maybe two. I have been ridiculously busy at work, and have been spending nearly all of my free time either knitting or playing with this:

At Easter I played rockband with my brother and his girlfriend for hours on end - and I had been begging Evan to stop at Future Shop so I could buy this bad boy for myself and he kept telling me that I shouldn't rush out and buy it.

Little did I know that the bugger had been secretly plotting to surprise me with it. I came home a few friday's ago to find that Evan had snuck into my apartment with Rock Band while I was at work. Naturally I set it up immediately, cracked a bottle of white and got straight to work. Twelve hours later I thought that perhaps it was time to get some rest. My foot was numb and my contacts were dry.

So if you're wondering where I am - you will find me in front of my TV with my xbox 360 banging some sticks, fingering some solos and wailing some tunes. Sometimes all by myself. ha!

I hear that my dad is getting pretty good at the game too... perhaps a Cyr Family tour is in order?