Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Friends

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Last week I found another kitten. This time the circumstances were much different. The kitten was very skinny and lying against the wall of the parking garage. The little muffin cried out, got up and staggered over to me, and then fell at my feet.

They call me the Cat Whisperer.

Anyway, the kitten was someone's abandoned pet. Abandoned cats do not fair well since they don't have the basic foraging skills that wild cats have. So they end up starving. Poor things.

I took this little one in, and began to nurse her back to health. I had some help from a very generous man in Evan's building who took her for the first 4 days while I was at a wedding out of town. And Tara who donated some high-cal Recovery cat food.

Skinny kitty - I call her Sweetness due to her extreme affection - is now gaining weight and is doing much better. My parents are adopting her, so she can spread the love freely throughout the Cyr family.

My skinny little mini has also made a new friend. It's like a mini Jupiter! Today I caught an almost-catball moment. I wasn't able to catch a picture of it, but I was able to get this picture of mini Ju trying to score some of that JLC.

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